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A&A Gates provide a prompt and professional service, suplying and installing gates in Barnstaple. Whether you are looking for a wooden or iron gate, or just looking to add electric automation to your existing gate A&A's highly skilled engineers are trained to meet the diverse needs of both residential home owners and commercial and industrial site managers.

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Wooden Gates

Home owners looking for a more natural looking, solid and robust entrance to their property often prefer wooden gates and a close boarded wooden gate can provide complete security for your property. There are a wide variety of different gate styles with ample scope to provide a totally unique design. Wooden gates are generally constructed from the many different types of hardwoods such as Iroko, Oak and Teak.

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Wrought iron gates of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional gates to a more modern, contemporary design. They require less maintenance than wooden gates and are likely to last much longer.

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Sliding & Retractable

Sliding gates are an ideal in situations where space is less abundant or where the driveway of the property is on an upwards incline, preventing the gates from opening against the higher ground.

Retractable gates are ideal for both commercial and domestic application. Well suited to resisting intruders when a building is empty. Retractable gates (also known as sliding gates), folding gates, collapsible gates and concertina gates, slide neatly to one side behind the curtains when not required.

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Many residential properties have gates on their driveway but more often than not these are left open simply because it is a hassle to get out of their cars to open and close them. It goes without saying that an open gate is not a gate! Installing electric gates solves this problem, by making it as easy as a touch of a button to open and close your gates.

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